About Us

Today’s busy world often requires us to eat on the GO! What happens? We end up sacrificing the healthy, nutritious, well-balanced diet we all strive to maintain.

At GO! Nutrition we aspire to promote better health and wellbeing by transforming perceptions that healthy snacks and drinks are dull, tasteless, and require sacrificing hours of your valuable time to prepare, only to deprive you of the variety that helps you keep up a healthy lifestyle.

At GO! Nutrition, we are constantly searching out and evaluating different products. This enables us to offer an assortment of snacks and drinks that are popular while providing a healthy alternative to satisfy the cravings that derail your efforts to eat healthy, nutritious food. It’s all about balance.

Our healthy snack box subscription delivers to your doorstep a variety of snacks every month. Our vending machines carry the same variety of snacks, customized for the population they serve, along with drinks that have the same popular, healthy qualities.

Jamie Granite, President

Jamie started in the vending business over 10 years ago by placing machines at gyms and distributing snacks to the Texas National Guard at Camp Mabry in Austin, Texas. Jamie’s focus was on catering to the body building community. During this time, Jamie was still working in the corporate world where for years she managed various offices for small to mid-sized companies. As the popularity and availability of organic foods began to grow, Jamie developed GO! Nutrition to provide healthy snacks and drinks to a broader segment of the population. Jamie’s concept is to make healthier choices easily accessible to empower everyone to lead healthier lives, one snack at a time.
Jamie is a forerunner in the vending industry. While other vending companies claim to offer healthy snacks and drinks, in reality the majority of the products these companies sell are candy bars and sugary drinks with no nutritional value. And the products they claim to be healthy fall at the low end of the nutrition spectrum. At GO! Nutrition, Jamie limits the products primarily to those that possess characteristics that address various facets of today’s health conscious world, including low sugar/sugar free/no sugar added, low carbohydrate, gluten free, non-GMO, high protein, grain free, dairy free, and high nutritional value products. All of which are all delicious, satisfying snacks and drinks and include a wide range of popular and familiar products such as popcorn, chips, energy bars, cookies, nuts, granola, soda, iced tea, fruit drinks, and water.

Leslie Cullers, Master Nutrition and Wellness Consultant

Leslie started in Health and Wellness with her health education at Texas State in M.S.P.T. Nutrition and Exercise Sports Science. She is a Master Nutrition and Wellness Consultant and continues to enhance her industry knowledge through research, continued education, collaboration with holistic practices and businesses, and hands on expertise and program development helping thousands of people.

She has led endeavors to improve our children’s insight on healthy living by being the RRISD Healthy Lifestyles Chair and advisor on the RRISD School Health Advisory Committee. She has sat on several boards is a member of the Michael & Susan Dell Community Collaborative for Child Health and ambassador for It’s Time Texas and Marathon Kids.

She is a natural visionary and successful entrepreneur dedicated to sharing a passion for living a natural and healthy lifestyle. Leveraging 15+ years of diverse education and
experience in nutrition, naturopathy, physiology and anatomy to guide others through the confusing maze of 21st century supermarkets, fad diets and health care. Her ultimate goal is to empower and educate in businesses, schools and households to empower one’s ability to take control of their own health and happiness.